Thursday, June 09, 2005

More "extremists" confirmed

Bill Pryor (11th circuit), Richard Griffin and David McKeague (both 6th Circuit) were confirmed by the Senate today. Pryor by 53-45 (he's the bogeyman to liberals, a principled conservative who is also religious), Griffin by 95-0 and McKeague by 96-0. The latter two were held up by Carl Levin's four-year hissy-fit, not philosophical disputes.

Pryor vote aisle-crossers were Nelson (natch) and Salazar (for), and the Northeastern wusses (Chafee, Snowe, Collins) against. It's disgraceful that a man with Pryor's outstanding qualifications would have 45 votes against him.

Go to the Senate's website to check out the roll calls.

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