Thursday, June 30, 2005


To all (both?) of our readers: sorry for the radio silence. Wongdoer is in Ecuador for a long weekend because so many Ecuadorans celebrate Independence Day. Or maybe it's b/c a friend of his is getting married.

One or the other.

The Monk has been running around N. Texas all day, therefore I need to catch up a bit. I may even try to learn what's going on before commenting on it.

And as for Gary Sheffield: STFU -- if the Yanks want to trade you, show the team that does the trade that it made a mistake. Personally, I think Cameron/Cairo for Sheffield is a dumb deal for the Yanks: they could've kept Cairo for cheap this offseason so his presence is a nullity. That makes it a Cameron/Sheffield deal and on the merits that's stupid.

And as for Kenny Rogers: this is the problem with guaranteed contracts. In the NFL, the team could just cut his a-- and not worry about anything else like paying his enormous salary. Rogers wanted big money from the Rangers in an extension; the Rangers said play out this season and we'll see; Rogers got a great start but the team thinks he's ducking the BloSax and Angels because if they pound him and inflate his baseball numbers, his bank account will suffer. Wuss. And it's not like he's a money pitcher anyway. His postseason line: 0-3, 8.85 ERA, 20.1 IP, 32 H, 20 ER, 16 BB, 15 K. Man, that's awful.

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