Thursday, June 23, 2005

As the season slips away . . .

What will the Yanks do next? As I write, they will have to come from behind to get a split at home with Tampa, a team that's won 4 road games outside of NYC this year, and have had 0 quality starts against the AL East's worst team.

It gets no better. Over the next six weeks or so, the Yanks play the following teams: the Mess (who always play 10 games better than they are against the Yanks), O's, Tigers, O's, Indians, [All-Star break], Blosax-Rangers-Angels on road, Twins, Angels, Indians. That's a series against the Mess and 10-straight series against teams who currently do not suck. With Pavano clueless, Johnson sliderless, Wang rookie-ish and the 'pen iffy, the Yanks may well be 10 out by early August.


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