Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Tuesday Roundup

Some other good bits today:

1. This warms my heart. The New York Times (!) has a piece today on the summer interns for the Heritage Foundation - "young, bright and ardently right". Reasonably fair and balanced article too. Noted alumnus: Rich Lowry, editor of the National Review.

2. Stephen Spruiell of the NRO catches the New York Times playing fast and loose with the facts in an editorial that criticized security at a chemical plant in Louisiana.

3. Irwin Stelzer makes a very good point in a piece in the Weekly Standard about the French and Dutch failure to ratify the EU Constitution. The key to a unified monetary policy is unified fiscal policy and that is significantly further away after the referenda. The prime beneficiaries, the US dollar, which becomes more attractive (and stable) as a reserve currency and Eastern Europe which is cheaper and not yet encumbered by the euro.

4. Charles at LGF caught the AP in a 'Freudian' slip.

Kidnap and behead Westerners, or bomb schools, and the Associated Press will call you an “insurgent.” At worst, a “militant.”

But attack a dictatorial Ba’athist regime and suddenly you’re a terrorist.

5. Powerline has run a letter from a reader FURIOUS with Senator Hagel:


Clearly Senators Hagel and Feinstein have forgotten that the terrorist Kahtani was turned back from the Orlando airport in August 2001 while Mohammed Atta was there awaiting his arrival. How is it that they have forgotten that Kahtani planned to join Atta as the 5th hijacker on United Airlines Flight 93? How have they forgotten that Kahtani planned to use a boxcutter or similar instrument to slice the throat of any passenger or crew who resisted? How have they forgetten that Kahtani wished to shout praise to Allah as he and Atta plowed that aircraft full of innocents into New York Cities tallest skyscraper also crowded with innocents?

How have these U.S. Senators forgotten those who were incinerated on that day? How have they forgotten those who were so terrorized with fear and suffering that they jumped to their certain death rather than face the inferno of the Twin Towers? How is it that they have forgotten the brave who rushed to the rescue but never returned? How can they have forgotten about those who lost their lives in the Pentagon only a few miles from their plush Senate offices? How have they so quickly forgotten the brave souls who confronted their terrorist assasins and then lost their lives in a field just east of Pittsburgh? How is it that they have turned their backs on the dedicated men and women who have risked and lost their lives in the hunt to bring back alive evil men like Kahtani?

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