Sunday, June 19, 2005

Progress by the Yanks?

So check it out: the Yanks came into this series against the Cubs with a 2-9 record in 3+ game series against teams at .500 or better. After this weekend series, which they've already won, the Yanks will be . . . 2-9 in 3+ game series against teams at or above .500. Say what?

Well the Mess will be under .500 come Monday morning, and they were the second .500+ team the Yanks had won a series from this year . . . until they slipped under .500. Then again, if the Tigers beat the Pads tomorrow, the Yanks will be 3-9 against .500+ teams in 3-game series this year.

Yeah, it's complicated. So is explaining why the Yanks stink.

Today, they got everything from their starter they didn't get yesterday: Wang went eight innings, gave up only 5 hits and only the second HR against him in > 56 innings this season -- a ratio better than even Rivera! Compare with Pavano, who honked a 4-run lead and gave up 9 hits in his last 2.1 IP yesterday before Joe yanked him. Yuk.

And kudos to Jeter, who hit his first grand slam of his career. Funny enough, the Monkette2B and I exited the car and went to the movie theater just as Cubs manager Dusty Baker made the pitching change to install Joe Borowski (now a trivia answer when Jeter goes into the Hall). I checked the score on my Blackberry (free plug!) whilst watching previews and saw the 7-1 score (at the time) and HR - Jeter (7) in the line. Me and missing history. Then again, that pales next to Dad and Mom dragging me to the movies on the same Fridays as Ron Guidry's 18-K win over the Angels (1978) and the USA's upset of the USSR in hockey (1980).

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