Tuesday, June 28, 2005

In the Emperor's chambers

Steinbrenner called Darth Cashman, Darth Newman, Darth Connors, Darth Michael, et al. to his chambers in Tampa today for an emergency organizational meeting. The question is how bad Steinbrenner will fark things up: will he trade Philip Hughes, Eric Duncan, TJ Beam, Jeff Karstens, Abel Gomez and the other top Yanks prospects for more dross like Jeff Weaver, Aaron Boone, Denny Neagle and Kevin Brown? Will Big Stein listen to Stick Michael and Cashman and give some of the kids time to develop whilst just plugging some holes in the defense (CF) and relief?

Gammons thinks the latter is more likely. I hope so too. Steinbrenner is in mid-80s mode and we all know how many World Series the Yanks won in the 80s: ZERO.

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