Monday, June 20, 2005

Cedar victory!

This is great news: the anti-Syria faction, led by Saad Hariri, son of assassinated anti-Syrian Lebanese leader Rafik Hariri, won BIG in parliamentary elections in Northern Lebanon.

An anti-Syrian alliance that tried to bridge religious lines and was led by Mr. Hariri's son, 35-year-old Saad Hariri, a Sunni Muslim, won at least 21 of 28 contested seats in northern Lebanon, the last polling area in the elections that have been staggered over the past four weekends. That gave the alliance a majority in the next 128-seat Parliament.

And even better: Hariri will try to thwart re-election of the current Parliament Speaker, the pro-Syrian Nabih Berri. Berri is allied with the men who killed Hariri's father and with the terrorists in Hizb'Allah.

More good news, it seems for our favorite Cedarite:

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