Monday, April 11, 2005

Why be timely?

A small rant:

By and large, I like the Weekly Standard's daily articles. Like Opinion Journal, the site contains a smattering of offerings from the publication's core material: WSJ columns for Op Journal, Weekly Standard articles for the Daily Standard site. And TWS offers timely criticism and topical flashbacks like our friend Mark Steyn.

But one of the curiosities I have is why TWS gives so much time to the Powerliners. Paul Mirengoff (Deacon), Scott Johnson (The Big Trunk) and John Hinderaker (unfortunately self-monikered Hindrocket) get at least one article per week on the Daily Standard listing and usually their commentaries are short, devoid of real new insight and about 10-20 days out of date. In other words, whatever original info they obtain goes first into Powerline and then, long afterward if at all, into TWS.

Maybe Wongdoer can explain all this, he's a much bigger Powerline fan than I am.

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