Sunday, April 17, 2005

British Terrorist Sympathy

Rachel Corrie was a reprehensible human being and I have no regret that she died defending the smuggling tunnels that Palestinians use to sneak weapons and bombmaking materials from the Egyptian border, into Gaza and for use against Israeli citizens.

But Alan Rickman glorifies this heinous creature by penning a eulogistic play about her.

Steven Plaut has some other plays that could have been written:

Well, we thought we would mention some other Rachels who have NOT been
similarly commemorated in the London posh theaters yet (with thanks to Tom
Gross). Here are the names of some plays that have not yet been produced
in London:

1. My Name is Rachel Levy (Israeli girl age 17, blown up in a grocery
2. My Name is Rachel Thaler (Israeli girl aged 16, blown up in a pizzeria)
3. My Name is Rachel Levi (Israeli girl aged 19, murdered while waiting
for the bus)
4. My Name is Rachel Gavish (killed with her husband and son while at
5. My Name is Rachel Charhi (blown up while sitting in a cafe)
6. My Name is Rachel Shabo (murdered with her three sons aged 5, 13 and 6
while sitting at home)

It would be interesting knowing how many of THESE Rachels were murdered
with explosives smuggled in through the same tunnels that Rachel Corrie
and her ISM pro-terrorist friends were "defending"!

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