Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Instapundit 1, NYTimes 0

A rarity today: Prof. Glenn Reynolds, the Instapundit, takes out his whoopin' stick and whacks the NYTimes HARD twice. First, in the post linked in the title hereto, second by linking his previous post that completely eviscerates the revisionist history claim that Bush did not justify going to war in Iraq on the basis of installing democracy and overthrowing Saddam.

For the record, here are Bush's speeches wherein he explicitly stated that democracy in Iraq was a goal:

--> The 2003 State of the Union

--> The 2002 address to the UN's General Assembly (prior to the UN resolution he obtained)

--> And in remarks on Feb. 27, 2003

This shreds the NYT's statement regarding "the democratic transformation that President Bush seized upon as a rationale for the invasion after his claims about weapons of mass destruction turned out to be fictitious."

See Insty for the whole beat-down. And "wrong" (as Insty says) or "unproven" does not equal "fictitious".

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