Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Senate Republican WETS

This is infuriating. Despite a 55-44 bulge in the Senate and a pretty damned clear mandate from voters, senior Republicans in the Senate have shown an APPALLING lack of backbone. Monk has nearly blown a gasket at the lack of leadership from Bill Frist on the judicial nominees and immigration. Despite encouraging news earlier in the day, Richard Lugar at Foreign Relations has botched the Bolton nomination, delaying a vote indefinitely because he allowed Voinovich of Ohio to blindside him.

Surely Lugar knows that time is not on Bolton's side as the obstructionist Democrats will use that time to find more 'witnesses' who will find Bolton's moustache threatening. And plenty of time for the uneasy Chafee to wilt. Either that or Lugar feels Bolton isn't worth fighting for?

What in the hell is a majority for if there is no fortitude to use it??? Can we get some G*dforsaken discipline here? ANYONE? (Gee, you think the Ratzinger's election would be an example)

This weak behavior will only encourage the Democrats to further bad behavior - beating Bolton will only give them more encourage to obstruct on the judicial nominees. The Democrats are acting like spoilt children - they don't have control but if they make enough noise they can spoil the party. As any parent can tell you, pandering to spoilt children accomplishes nothing but erode authority while exacerbating the behavior.

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