Friday, April 15, 2005

Happy 50th Birthday McDonalds

McDonalds celebrates its 50th birthday today.

I consider myself reasonably discriminating in terms of food but I am also a fan of McDonalds. Why?

1. Wherever you go, with the exception of, perhaps, India your Quarter Pounder with Cheese will taste the SAME. There is something to be said for this consistency.
2. It's affordable, it's fast, it's reliable, its clean.
3. The dollar menu.
4. Best hash browns anywhere. Period.
5. The Happy Meal Incredibles toys. (you can get them on ebay if you missed it and your kids are hounding you.)

Jonah Goldberg has an excellent piece on why McDonald's is good but it engenders hatred like Wal-Mart.

To close, Morgan Spurlock is a younger, dumber version of Michael Moore. Super Size Me is crap and not even particularly well done crap. Here's someone who did the same thing for two months, combined it with a healthy lifestyle and saw weight and cholesterol DROP. Here's a whole site debunking Spurlock, including an interview where Maria Bartiromo, who's no Nancy Grace, eviscerates Spurlock.

Number one beef with McDonalds: Try one line, many servers. See Wendy's and Popeyes.

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