Thursday, April 21, 2005

Tidbits 21Apr05

Some good stuff around today:

1. James Taranto of Opinion Journal takes Senator Voinovich to task for rolling on the Bolton nomination by reminding him of how he lost his temper when his plane was delayed due to the arrival of Air Force One. Even better, Taranto suggests Plan B. Defeat Bolton? Fine. Let's put up GIULIANI.

2. Jay Nordlinger has some pearls today in his Impromptus column:
- the Democrats think Bolton should serve the UN, when he needs to serve the United States and its foreign policy.
- exposes the patrician-looking Pat Leahy of Vermont as vicious and nasty
- on the estate tax: But the best line of the debate belonged to a Republican, Rep. Kenny Hulshof of Missouri:

“The death of a family member should not be a taxable event, period.”

3. The Corner has a brilliant Tina Brown quote:

"For those of us who came to Manhattan precisely because you're guaranteed never to meet anyone who has read the ‘Left Behind’ series, America's much-celebrated spiritual revival can have its trying moments."

4. Provocative thought of the day: In response to this horrible story, a Corner reader proposes a novel way to keep track of sex offenders -- facial tattoos.

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