Tuesday, April 19, 2005

On Benedict XVI

Watching the festivities on TV, its strange to see someone who is pope who's not John Paul II. Ratzinger I think is a gutsy choice and though we might never know for sure would be fascinating to learn how the ballots went.

Some quick articles on Ratzinger (pre-election)

Michael Novak on his philosophy.

Ratzinger's homily at the Mass preceding the Conclave.

Here's a balanced WaPo account.

Though a leading candidate the conventional wisdom had found him to be too polarizing and confrontational to be elected as pope. His homily yesterday was uncompromising and as one commentator pointed out made it unlikely he was 'campaigning' for pope. Straightforward, to the point and means what he says -- reminds me of a certain temporal leader.

NRO's Kate O'Beirne reports: "Last week Father Joseph Fessio of Ave Maria University and Ignatius Press told me that Cardinal Ratzinger would be "extraordinary. Brilliant and humble. Serene but decisive. A true homo ecclesiasticus (man of the Church)." Hope the good father is right.

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