Thursday, April 21, 2005

Honest folks at the UN?

Yes and no is the answer. The honest people WERE Robert Parton and Miranda Duncan, two of the three senior investigators for the Volcker Committee that is investigating the UN's Oil-for-Food swindle. They resigned because they have the sense to know that when a program is run by and through the office of the Secretary General, any Commission finding that only mildly criticizes his failure to crack down on his son's conflict of interest re: representation of Cotecna is bollocks.

To its credit, however, the Volcker Committee reproached Annan for declaring that he was exonerated and Mark Pieth, one of the three Committee members, disputed that at the time Annan made his exoneration declaration.

HT: The Cap'n; credit to Roger Simon, who beat everyone to the story.

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