Friday, April 29, 2005

More Clinton Legacy

The first three paragraphs of this NY Times article show the folly of the Agreed Framework farce that Clinton accepted in 1994, urged on by our worst ex-President Jimmy Carter:

The head of the Defense Intelligence Agency said Thursday that American intelligence agencies believed North Korea had mastered the technology for arming its missiles with nuclear warheads, an assessment that if correct, means the North could build weapons to threaten Japan and perhaps the western United States.

While Vice Adm. Lowell Jacoby, the Defense Intelligence Agency chief, said in Senate testimony that North Korea had been judged to have the "capability" to put a nuclear weapon atop its missiles, he stopped well short of saying it had done so, or even that it had assembled warheads small enough for the purpose. Nor did he give evidence to back up his view during the public session of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

[But] his assessment of North Korea's progress exceeded what officials have publicly declared before.

In a rather bald effort to position herself for 2008 and cover up the complete failures of her husband, Hillary Clinton jumped in the fray:

In an interview on Thursday, Mrs. Clinton called Admiral Jacoby's statement "the first confirmation, publicly, by the administration that the North Koreans have the ability to arm a missile with a nuclear device that can reach the United States," adding, "Put simply, they couldn't do that when George Bush became president, and now they can."

Right. And all the talking in the world would have stopped the NoKors. And the Brooklyn Bridge is for sale at liquidation price.

The best solution: allow Japan to go nuclear. The threat alone would scare the pants off the Chinese who would in turn lean hard on the NoKors. In addition: threaten to sanction the SoKors if they continue their appeasement-based Sunshine Policy and remove all US troops from the DMZ tripwire zone.

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