Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Volcker: Annan not cleared at all

Paul Volcker woke up from the hibernation he must have been in when Kofi Annan proclaimed that the first Volcker report on the Cotecna-Annan ties had exonerated the UN Secretary General (notice that the UN head has the same title as the head of the Communist party in the USSR had?).

Here's the exoneration refutation:

In an interview aired yesterday with Fox News, Mr. Volcker took direct issue with Mr. Annan's insistence that he had been exonerated by investigators probing both his role in overseeing the Iraq aid program and conflicts of interest involving a key contract awarded to a Swiss firm that employed Mr. Annan's son.

"I thought we criticized [Mr. Annan] rather severely," Mr. Volcker said of his panel's interim report, released March 29. "I would not call that an exoneration."

Asked point-blank whether Mr. Annan had been cleared of wrongdoing in the $10 billion scandal, Mr. Volcker replied, "No."

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