Tuesday, April 12, 2005

More decay in the North

Canada's corruption inquiry is widening: the Canadian House of Commons has subpoenaed four witnesses, including two "confidants" of PM Paul Martin. Meanwhile, Martin had his "I am not a crook"/"no controlling legal authority" moment as he claimed he retained the "moral authority" to govern.

The Liberals have ruled Canada for more than a generation and have turned the country into a de facto one-party state. The party corruption is deep because Canada's Liberals run the country in a Chirac-ian fashion by obtaining money from business interests and then promoting their financial benefactors. As Mark Steyn noted, "In a one-party state, the one party in power attracts not those interested in the party, but those interested in power."

At least this time the Liberals' folly seems to have some negative consequences as the Libs' polling numbers have dropped recently.

HT: Cap'n Ed.

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