Monday, April 11, 2005

Baseball's first weekend

At the end of yesterday I had one thought: the Yankees suck. That was before Moooooooooooooooooose went out and lost target range on the strike zone this afternoon (57 pitches in three innings and only 29 strikes? That's not real Mooooooooooooooosish).

I don't know WHY that is, but it seems to be true. The team seems generally bored with the whole concept, other than Jeter and Sierra, and the bullpen has been putrescent. I know that it's early, and that there are a mere 156 games left, but the Yanks seem to be the same deflated group that lost games 6 and 7 last year in the ALCS at the end of the Biggest Collapse Ever. The boys looked AWFUL against the Orioles, a team that hasn't swept the Yanks at the Stadium in eight years but was only nine outs away from pulling that off.

Wake up, boys. You gotta win bunches of these games to be allowed to play the ones that REALLY count.

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