Thursday, April 07, 2005

Tidbits 07Apr05

1. Jay Nordlinger at NRO is in fine form unloading on Corzine, Boxer and Sharpton today. His summation stings:
Liberalism used to mean something — e.g., opposition to tyranny and lies. And now? Opposition to George W. Bush seems most important.

Also read Michael Crichton's State of Fear -

According to John Stossel, the novelist Michael Crichton "almost didn't write his latest book," State of Fear, which explores global warming, but not in conformity with environmentalist dogma. "I'm 62 years old," Crichton said. "I've had a good life. I'm happy. I'm enjoying myself. I don't need any of the flak that would come from doing a book like this."

He went ahead and did it anyway. A strong and noble spirit, Crichton.

2. We haven't had the bandwidth to cover the Pulitzer awards which ignored Claudia Rosett and awarded the AP a prize for photos that seems to implicate the photographer as an accessory to murder. Powerline has done a superb job on this. See here, here and here.

3. Max Boot on Ahmed Chalabi. I don't pretend to have a grasp of the machinations around/involving him but a reasonable argument here that he got a raw deal from the US and why it may end up benefitting him.

4. Haley Barbour, Republican dark horse for '08? I doubt it. The search continues for someone who can win the nomination and beat Hillary. Beyond Cheney and Condi the list is still very short.

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