Friday, April 08, 2005

Ththththtill a few bugththth in the thystem

That Daffy Duck quote seems appropriate for the ESPN GameCast feature for baseball. ESPN has revamped its system to put the GameCast on the same page as a scoreboard and various information tabs (somehow resembling the CBS Sportsline version from 2002-03). The problems: right-left distinctions for batters (putting Giambi and Tino as righty hitters); reload problems; wrong man on wrong base update problems (tonight, Jeter singled, stole second, went to third on an error and when he was at third the GameCast listed him at both 2nd and 3rd), not showing pitch-by-pitch for the whole inning anymore (just batter by batter) and failing to give the play-by-play description for the last out of an inning.

The old knocks against ESPN's system: (1) too much lag time; (2) needed a popup window to open. CBS's system was (and still is, I think) faster and all on the same page, with solid descriptions and full pitch-by-pitch. I think CBS still has a leg up on ESPN right now, but at least ESPN is engaging in the sincerest form of flattery on this issue.

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