Thursday, April 07, 2005

Canadian corruption update

From a report on the investigation into the Liberal Party's money-laundering scheme:

Brault claimed in his six days of testimony that he systematically kicked back huge amounts of taxpayer money to the federal Liberal party, a deception he claims involved senior Liberal organizers and people close to former prime minister Jean Chretien.

His testimony alleged secret meetings, phoney paper trails, unmarked envelopes stuffed with cash and bogus billings. Other details from his testimony:

* He said there were phoney employees on the payroll at the ad firm Groupaction.
* Brault said there was $1 million in kickbacks to the Liberal Party of Canada.
* His reward, he claims, was $172 million in government business for his firm.

It was always the same story, he told the commission: The Liberal Party needed money. If you wanted the business, you had to pay.

Naturally, Captain's Quarters is still all over this with updates on payments earmarked for anti-separatist groups that actually went to the Quebec separatist party and on the US media picking up the story.

It's good for the US to turn a critical eye on our neighbors to the north and understand how Canada has turned into another elite-ruled oligarchy like Belgium and France.

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