Monday, April 04, 2005

Canada's corruption

Canada is really an outpost of the European continent in North America. Ruled by liberal elites who push through politically correct policies; marked by disdain for the United States among its ruling class; and, as I noted here, politically and commercially intertwined with the UN's Oil-for-Fraud scandal.

Now Canada is rocked by new corruption charges: its ruling party, the Liberals, used the Public Works Ministry to pay advertising groups tens of milliions of dollars (US equivalent of hundreds of millions since Canada has 1/10 the population of the US) that the groups eventually kicked back to the Liberals. Essentially, a Canadian governmental agency, the PWM, laundered money through the ad agencies who funneled the cash back to the party in power.

Details, including a full rundown of the scandal, are at Winds of Change (see title link). Captain's Quarters has closely followed this mess (link to his categorized archive) to such a degree that Canadian news sites linked to CQ and later got in trouble for it.

Canada: American culture and French politics.

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