Monday, April 04, 2005

Baseball note

From Gammons' latest column on ESPN, the current top of the crop pitching free agents for 2005 offseason:

A.J. Burnett, Fla
Chris Carpenter, StL
Matt Morris, StL
Brad Penny, LA
Jeff Weaver, LA
Tim Wakefield, Bos
Brett Tomko, SF
Tony Armas Jr., Wash
Jarrod Washburn, LAA

Other than a healthy Burnett, forget it. No wonder the Yanks gave a long-term contract to Wright.

P.S. -- one omission from Gammons' potential rookies with impact: Jorge DePaula or Chien-Mien Wang for the Yanks. Wang was sharp in preseason, DePaula may have fully rebounded from his elbow injury that wiped out 2004. And the Yanks already need a fifth starter with Brown out.

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