Wednesday, October 20, 2004

The situation is parlous and the hour is late...

for the Yankees and their fans.

Two awful blown saves by the bullpen and the mighty bats have gone to sleep for three nights. Boston has all the momentum and are really in a no-lose situation. The Monk sounds prophetic now. Tonight we find out whether the Yanks are real professionals or the worse chokers in baseball history.

As for Game 6:

1. I guess Olerud must be dead or injured worse than Schilling. Tony Clark is a class act and a good defender but his bat is a black hole. (excepting the ground rule double in the 9th in Game 5). Torre showed his faith by letting him hit in the 9th but honestly he should have been pulled for Kenny Lofton or Bubba Crosby. Enrique Wilson could have played first.

2. A-Rod should have just run the charging Arroyo down. It really wasn't a bad play- it ultimately cost a base. A-rod should have been much more aggressive in that at-bat

3. Aside from that third of an inning Lieber pitched about as well as you could expect.

Expect more pithy analysis from the Monk

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