Friday, October 15, 2004

French doesn't translate to Japanese

John Kerry's claim of foreign leaders who prefer that he win the election shrinks by one (to the extent such people exist who aren't US enemies). Here's proof:

Asked by reporters about the U.S. election, [Japanese PM] Koizumi said on Thursday: "I am very close to President Bush. So I want him to do his best."

This came before the "No. 2 official in Japan's ruling party sharply criticized U.S. Democratic challenger John Kerry's North Korea policy."

Considering that Japan is one of our best allies in both the war on terror and the isolation of North Korea, Koizumi's preference speaks volumes.

One correction to the Reuters story that is linked in the title of this post, it states "Bush has ruled out bilateral talks with reclusive communist Pyongyang, but Kerry has said this could be possible." That statemens is misleading. Kerry has said he will make bilateral talks with North Korea one of the first initiatives of a Kerry Administration.

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