Friday, October 15, 2004

Lieberman for Bush?

Former Presidential candidate Joe Lieberman, in a campaign stop for Kerry in Florida strongly praises President Bush on Israel:
"We are dealing with a president who's had a record of strong, consistent support for Israel. You can't say otherwise,” Lieberman told an audience of 600 near Delray Beach, Fla, the Palm Beach Post reported in editions Thursday.

Lieberman also added that any criticism of Bush vis-à-vis Israel would be “unjustified.”

After the speech, the paper said Lieberman spoke to reporters and suggested that “Bush appears to have made inroads with Jewish voters, who voted Democratic by an estimated 4-to-1 margin in 2000.”

It beggars belief that Jewish voters, the vast majority of whom support Israel, can still vote 4-to-1 for Kerry who, at best, is an uncertain ally and, at worse, will determine that support for Israel doesn't pass the 'global test'. As we reported earlier, Ed Koch is voting for Bush. Joe Lieberman, by all accounts, is a man of strong personal integrity and loyalty- hence he stumps for the Democrats.

But on Election Day, alone in the booth with his conscience and his God, who is he going to vote for?

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