Monday, October 18, 2004

Dog bites man in Spain

The WaPo notes that Spanish investigators have concluded that the Islamists intended to influence Spain's elections in March with the timing of their bombing of the Spanish trains that killed over 300 people. Of course, the Spanish Socialists deny any connection between the attacks, the Socialists' demagoguing of those attacks to play upon the fears of the Spaniards before the election, and their electoral victory:

The current Socialist government has insisted the attacks were not intended to change the outcome of the election and has accused opponents of using such inferences to question its victory. "There is no evidence to indicate the intention of the terrorists was really to change the Spanish government," said a Socialist Party spokesman, who spoke only on condition of anonymity.

If that's true, then there is no evidence to indicate that the intention of the WTC attackers had anything to do with hating America. Some statements are so moronic that they almost HAVE to be made anonymously just to protect the speaker from ridicule.

HT, the Cap'n.

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