Sunday, October 17, 2004

And one to go

What can you say after this display: 19 runs, 22 hits, 4 HR, and the 2-5 hitters in the lineup went 16-22, 15 RBI, 14 runs?


Some more thoughts from game 3 of the ALCS:

(1) Johnny Damon is not a Gold Glove caliber centerfielder; ditto Trawt Nixon and fatboy1.

(2) I still don't understand why Javy Vazquez can go lights-out for 2-3 innings and stink to high heaven for the next one.

(3) That Varitek is having a nice series. Good thing for the Yanks that he's going wild in games the RedSawx lose.

(4) Quantrill looked better tonight than he has in about 4 months.

(5) Matsui is a quick study. Not only has he figured out the two-seam fastball (an unknown pitch in Japan) to reduce his double plays from 25 (2003) to 11 (2004, so much for that "Groundzilla" crap), but he's learned the Wall well enough to make a pair of nice plays that held Blosox to long singles.

(6) Wakefield is not nearly as lights-out against the Yanks in 2004 as he was in 2003. I may regret saying that if the Bosawx start a miracle comeback, but right now, he's been shaky in this series.

(7) Derek Jeter has two hits in the Series and the Yanks have scored 32 runs.

(8) ESPN's RedSux boosterism is ridiculous: the headline on their baseball page said "'Evil' Thrashing." Enough with the Evil Empire BS. The Yanks keep about 4-5 teams afloat thanks to revenue sharing and the socialist distribution of MLB sportswear revenue so stop crying.

The Yanks need to wrap this up.

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