Thursday, October 21, 2004

Baseball cred: The Key Monk on the ALCS

Here is a compilation of our commentary on the ALCS disaster, now known as TheGreatestComebackInSportsHistoryTM in Boston and either TheBiggestChokeJobEver or YouGottaBeF*ckinKiddingMe in New York. Unlike a regular blogging, this will go in actual chronological order instead of the blog-norm reverse chronolog.

Last Tuesday, we wondered what would happen and how things would transpire in Baseball Armageddon. I ran down the best and worst (new addition now) from the Torre Years here.

After Game 1, a harbinger of things to come, I breathed a BIG sigh of relief after Rivera's heroics. And I was pleased with Game 2 as well. Wongdoer went to Game 2 and had some positive takes.

Game 3 was a complete snafu for the RedSawx, even though Brown failed his first Clemens moment, and I tried to restrain any joy because I knew trouble could crop up.

Indeed, this Cassandra-esque prediction I made after Game 4 proved all too prophetic.

After Game 5, I ripped Torre a new one, with good reason.

The loss in Game 6 confirmed my suspicions. Even Wongdoer began to realize doom awaited. And doom came last night -- the real end to the Curse, and potentially the end of the Yankee dynasty.

Read through, enjoy if you're a Sawx fan, despair if you bleed pinstripes. Remember you heard this here first: without a major reshuffling of the rotation, the Yanks are dead in the water until 2006.

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