Wednesday, October 27, 2004

One other Jew gets it

I've banged this drum on why Jews are stupid to vote Democrat over and over and over again. I've also harped on Kerry's weak, wimpy, limp, flaccid, dovish world outlook.

I was a Northeastern Jew (now Southwestern), but I thank the PaMonk for preventing me from ever becoming a liberal.

Now, Meryl Yourish (link in title) gives a flicker of hope that some of the Northeastern liberal Jews understand what is at stake in this election and will actually make the right choice. Here's the core of her statement:

We are at war now; I don't want a president who will wait until we are attacked in order to respond. I want the targeted assassinations of terrorists. I want the continued isolation of terrorist nations like Syria and Iran. I want dictators like Muammar Ghadafy to be sweating for their lives and careers. I want someone who is committed to trying to plant the seed of democracy in the Middle East, not someone who thinks that is an impossibility.

Sounds like Natan Sharansky's and Benjamin Netanyahu's playbook for the Middle East, and with good reason. The same war Israel fights daily against Muslim terrorism is the same one that the US has been forced to wage. Good to see that someone up East gets it.

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