Friday, October 22, 2004

HA! The Guardian gives up

The Guardian caves! The liberal newspaper has ended its "Operation Clark County" attempt to bombard Ohio voters in that swing county with letters from Britain. I noted this idiocy here.

Now The Guardian wouldn't say how it wanted its letter-writers to influence the Clark County voters, but The Guardian's own politics (left-wing to far-left-wing) and some of the pompous socialist dopes it enlisted to write (John LeCarre -- English author taking French name for nom de plume, like that would wash in rural US; Antonina Fraser -- left-wing anti-Israel "intellectual") to the Ohio voters make it obvious what The Guardian's intentions were.

Cheers to the Ohioans for their reaction:

The cancellation of the project came 24 hours after the first of some 14,000 letters from Guardian readers began arriving in Clark County. The missives led to widespread complaints about foreign interference in a US election.

It also prompted a surge of indignant local voters calling the county's Republican party offering to volunteer for Mr Bush.

Worse yet, the first known recipient (a Kerry supporter) threw her letter away because she thought it was from terrorists (yeah, a bit paranoid).

Ha ha ha, liberal pointyhead dopes, hoisted on own petard. Great stuff.

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