Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Bugger off from our elections

Look, I like the Brits as much as anyone. Especially some of them who have (had) their priorities straight: Churchill, Thatcher, Blair (to a good degree). But the British polity is a bit loopy -- Brits who have a preference prefer Kerry to Bush 47% to 16%; the British public is anti-Iraq War despite a relative sanity (compared to say, France, Spain, Germany, Belgium) and pro-UN. But some things are ridiculous.

One of those things is the second-most influential paper in Britain agitating for Brits to call or write voters in Ohio to offer their unsolicited (and unwanted) opinions. Other states highlighted in The Guardian's series are Michigan, Wisconsin, Missouri, Arkansas, Iowa, Florida and Nevada. The Guardian also gives the websites of the most influential newspapers in those states and encourages readers to write the papers.

The Monk put his email into The Guardian's voter generator and came up with a name, and an address. The woman's information (redacted) is:

ANDREA [surname deleted]
APT [deleted]
[building deleted]
OH 45---

The Guardian is being all-too-coy in its suggestions by not telling or hinting at what its readers should say, but here's the reality: The Guardian knows its readership is predominantly left-of-center to complete left-wingers. It is far to the left of Tony Blair, which means it is far to the left of mainstream US voters. This is really an invidious attempt to influence US voters and it ought to fail miserably. Quite honestly, 85% of the time that Bush upsets the Europeans, I approve of his position (most notable disagreement I had = stupid steel tariffs). I see it as a virtue that this country is stronger, more dynamic, economically more powerful and retains its individualism to degrees that are unheard of in Europe. So do many Europeans, that's why so many come to the US for jobs, education and will weather our long and inefficient naturalization process to become citizens.

The Guardian should remember that British involvement in American domestic affairs has been disdained for about 229 years. We love the Brits; they should be pleased that American might is and has been fighting for and supporting the same freedom that the Brits have enjoyed for centuries. Neutering American power only makes the world less safe and less stable. The Guardian needs to smarten up.

HT: Little Green Footies; Spoonman has it too.

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