Monday, October 25, 2004

Neal Boortz buys the bridge

Shame on Neal Boortz for two stupidities this morning: first, predicting that Kerry will win (check NRO's The Corner for background state coverage -- NRO's unflinching honesty has had DEMOCRATS quoting The Corner when Cornerites were complaining about Bush's debate performances). Second, for basing that stupid conclusion on the "intensity of the white-hot hatred for George Bush coming from Kerry supporters and the left." Boortz is forgetting TWO big factors that mitigate his conclusion: (1) blacks are both more likely to vote for Bush and LESS LIKELY to turn out for Kerry compared to their overwhelming turnout for Clinton, Clinton and Gore; (2) the 2002 turn out the vote campaign by Republicans was extremely well-run such that it helped Republicans regain the Senate. See the always-sharp John Fund for details.

Smarten up Neal, stop giving aid and comfort to Jimmy Carter II.

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