Sunday, October 24, 2004

Quick World Series notes

Ask Wongdoer -- I said Sawx in five over whomever after they beat the Skanks and I'll stick with that, but where was that pile of beer league rejects who couldn't catch a beachball last week? Yuck.

BTW, I think that an 11-9 game 1 is ridiculous. Pitching? Fielding? Anyone?

My initial read is that the Cards are in trouble throughout this series because the only type of pitcher who can consistently beat the Sawx is a pitcher with a plus-fastball and who can jam their fatboys. Moooooooose fit the bill, as did Clemens, and Pettitte; Matt Morris from a few years ago (2001 NLDS variety) could fit the bill. But the array of soft-tossers and retreads the Cards are going to trot out to the mound (Williams, Wasdin, Marquis) do not fit the bill against a top AL lineup.

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