Thursday, October 14, 2004

ALCS Game 2 Observations

I chose the agita of going the game over the agita of watching the debate live.

1. Mariano was magnificent. Aside from the one-out double to Manny (after what should have been a called third strike) he just blew away Boston's finest. He was throwing gas, hitting 94-95 consistently on the gun which he doesn't do as much anymore. Monk and I have debated about Gordon vs. Mo. I like Gordon for the K's and the gaudy WHIP (0.88 vs. 1.08) but when push comes to shove in the playoffs he just doesn't quite deliver.

2. Olerud's dinger on a high and inside fastball reminded me of Mattingly tomahawking pitches in the glory years before his back betrayed him.

3. 'Round the fifth inning a deep stentorian rumble seemed to emanate from the bowels of the stadium. Seconds later it manifested itself as "Who's Your Daddy?" You could feel the stadium vibrate. Amazing.

4. The smattering of Red Sox fans in the stadium hardly got any harassment. Wonder if the reverse would be true in Beantown.

5. There needs to be a Metro-North station at the stadium. Getting to and fro is second only to going to JFK airport in terms of hassle.

6. Finally Torre should pull out all the stops to win Game 3. We need to embalm, cremate and bury the Sox. Then park a dump truck over the grave. Take no chances.

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