Sunday, October 17, 2004

Kerry = Clueless

For some unknown and ineffable reason, American Jews vote 4-1 in favor of Democratic presidential candidates. This is ridiculous on so many levels it boggles the mind. Most importantly, because American Jews feel a strong attachment to and kinship with Israel, it is preposterous that they would choose to vote for men who do their best to weaken Israel both in the eyes of the world and in comparison with its neighbors: Carter, Clinton, Gore.

It is clear that Bush is one of the better friends Israel has had in the US executive office. Indeed, only Reagan and Nixon were stronger allies. Nonetheless, US Jews will vote 75% for Kerry even though the weak, unprincipled, unthinking, and morally equivocating Senator is no friend to the Jewish state. Martin Peretz, publisher of The New Republic, explains (click link above) why Kerry will be bad for Israel.

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