Friday, September 17, 2004

Two comments to the Wongdoer: Yankees, Kerry

First, Bill Rhoden is a nutter. Doesn't it say in revelations " . . . and the red footwear shall not relish its triumph for the heavens shall fall and the ground tear asunder and the seas shall flood and Four Horsemen shall come to claim the land for the apocalypse. . . "? I'm not Christian, but I recall that something to that effect would occur. Moreover, Rhoden is just ridiculous. The Cubs are much more sympathetic than the RedSawx because their fans are not a group of ignorant dopes from the country's most racist city (a reason in itself that Rhoden should revel in Boston's misery). Moreover, the Yankees exemplify much of what is RIGHT about baseball: an owner who CARES ABOUT WINNING (unlike the reprehensible Carl Pohlad, MLB's richest owner), a manager who exudes class, an organization that usually takes care of its players and former players in the greater Yankee family (see: Dent, Bucky; John, Tommy; Mattingly, Don; Randolph, Willie; Jackson, Reggie) and an overall professionalism from the players. The RedSawx can claim none of this -- they whiffed on an ARod trade over a mere $12 mil over 6 years, they bird-poo'd on Clemens and Garciaparra after they left, their best pitcher is a headhunting, trashtalking whack job, their best player was a serial lollygagger (Manny), its former players are scattered to the winds, etc.

Now that NY is supposedly close (Kerry by 6-8), I wonder if you'll see the liberal dope wearing his Bosux cap during next weekend's games in Fenway.

Second, yes John Kerry does look like a horse but his daughters are worse. Oh, and that Gallup poll may actually be BETTER than its spin because Bush's 55-42 lead is among LIKELY VOTERS a subset of registered voters (52-44 Bush lead) and the likely voter numbers are considered more accurate than registered voter results.

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