Monday, September 27, 2004

Today's sign of the Apocalypse

It takes some real chutzpah, after you left your five-month old daughter in your hot car for four hours, which resulted in her death from heatstroke, to stand up in front of a press conference with your attorney and tell the press and the world that you "hope that the auto industry or the car seat manufacturers will have some kind of alarm or bell so [parents] won't forget their kid in a car." But that's what John Dunton did in California after the Orange County DA declined to press charges against him.

This whole thing is a farce: the man commits numerous crimes (from child endangerment to involuntary manslaughter) and won't be punished, his wife forgives him (how can you FORGIVE something like that) and the idiot himself thinks that it's not his fault that he left his own flesh-and-blood to roast in a hot car. Is there no shame? No feeling of responsibility? No value of human life? Don't tell me some rubbish about how he's going to punish himself with the memory of his child, that's garbage. If that concept had any legitimacy, the father would NOT HAVE LEFT THE BABY BEHIND. The man should be incarcerated; divorced and shamed.


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