Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Dangerous, Irresponsible, Inconsistent ... liberal

John Kerry unveiled his true colors yesterday with a 47 minute diatribe against President Bush at NYU. Desperate to gain traction in a race where he appears to be losing on nearly all fronts Kerry grasped at the Deaniac mantle and came out squarely against the war. His prescription: repair alliances, train Iraqi security forces, improve reconstruction and ensure elections. Points 2-4 are ALREADY being done today as efficiently as possible. Point 1 is the ancient liberal shibboleth of 'bring it to the UN'. According to Kerry, "The principles that should guide American policy in Iraq now and in the future are clear: we must make Iraq the world's responsibility, because the world has a stake in the outcome and others should share the burden."

And then the kicker: If all that happened, Mr. Kerry said, "we could begin to withdraw U.S. forces starting next summer, and realistically aim to bring our troops home within the next four years."

Dump it at the UN's door and then bug out. Wasn't this what made Dean unelectable?

Here's David Brooks' fisk-ing

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