Sunday, September 26, 2004

Saddam's nuclear program and Syria

Read the Daily Telegraph article linked in the title of this post to learn about how Iraqi nuclear scientists were developing a nuclear weapons program, fled to Syria (with baby Assad's full welcome) when the US attacked Iraq and how Syria has entered negotiations with Iran to move the Iraqis there for safe haven.

Then read this piece in the NY Times by Saddam's former nuclear program head. He noted that although Saddam mothballed the program because he didn't want to kill the Golden Goose of Oil-for-Food kickbacks, the scientists still had their knowledge and the danger to the US and the world would be from those scientists relocating to other countries.

Thus, Captain Ed notes, correctly, that:

We are seeing that exact dynamic in Syria's attempts to transfer these scientists to [Iran] -- the Southwest Asian nation believed to be closest to developing their own nuclear weaponry and possessing the missile technology to deliver it anywhere in the region.

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