Friday, September 17, 2004

Dots connected: Oil-for-Food --> Saddam --> Al-Qaeda

As I've noted before here, here here, and here, Claudia Rosett has been investigating how Saddam used money he skimmed from the UN Oil-for-Food program (designed to help him FEED HIS PEOPLE) to finance terrorists throughout the world, including direct links to al-Qaeda. The mainstream media has barely touched on this, but Rosett has done Pulitzer-quality (and not Walter Duranty's Pulitzer) work on investigating and uncovering Saddam's connections to al-Qaeda, the uses of the money and the bribes accepted by UN officials in exchange for letting Saddam do as he pleased. The link in the title is her piece (with George Russell of FOX News) on and will be the first in a series.

Hat-tip: Captain Ed.

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