Friday, September 24, 2004

Come down from the ledge?

The Monk's favorite bird this week is the Oriole. A small flitting featherhead that is slightly larger than the average sparrow and found on the east coast of the US. Most notable incarnation = a baseball team in Baltimore (of all places) that hits RedSux pitching like it's BP.

Yesterday the O's beat the RedSux to split a four-game series and help restore the 4.5 game lead the Yanks had after Sunday. Now the RedSux can't get into a loss-column tie with the Yanks by sweeping this weekend. Hopefully, the Wongdoer's equilibrium is somewhat restored now.

Then again, the RedSux pitchers this weekend are their Nos. 1A, 3 and 1 starters: Pedro, Wakefield (Yankee-killer alert) and Schilling against Moooooooooooooosina, Vazquez and _____ respectively. Yick. If the Yanks don't sweep, this will be the first time since 1999 that the RedSux win the season series; if the Yanks do sweep, they clinch the division. It's all fun and games until The Monk throws stuff at his TV.

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