Monday, September 13, 2004

Kerry frothing on North Korea

John Kerry is willing to say anything to get himself elected. The senator called the New York Times Sunday (unusual) and proceeded to rant for 15 minutes about North Korea in a voice described as "nearly shaking with anger".

Kerry belittles Bush administration efforts to involve Russia, China, Japan and South Korea in trammelling the nuclear ambitions of the North. Whence Kerry the champion of multilateralism?

Furthermore, according to the Times, When Mr. Kerry was pressed about how he would handle the threat of a North Korean nuclear test if he was in the Oval Office, he declined to be prescriptive, other than to say that the issue would probably have to be taken to the United Nations Security Council. "Hypothetical questions are not real," he said. Sounds like his patented "I would do everything differently."

This is the same Kerry who boasted at his convention that he wouldn't seek anyone's permission before defending the United States.

It was said that Jimmy Carter was a kind and decent man who should not have been President. Well, John Kerry should not be President.

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