Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Back and better than ever!

The Monk has returned from his all-too-short trip to Scotland. Fine country, quite beautiful, much good stuff to drink (and take home for later enjoyment), and we had good weather all around. Worst thing: paying about $80 for 13.5 gallons of gas my last day with the car. Yipes.

Blogging will be light as The Monk gets back on his feet (which wasn't helped by British Airways' f-up yesterday that forced The Monk to miss his connection to the US; thank goodness AA came through with some rerouting to get me and the Monkette2B home at a decent time today), so I'm looking forward to more contributions from the Wongdoer. He did a fine job minding the store whilst I was away, especially on Rathergate.

For more on Rathergate, by the way, check out National Review Online (link at left) -- they're all up in arms. And of course you must read Mark Steyn's take.

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