Monday, April 05, 2004

You heard it here first

Hopefully, you're hearing it at all. Predictions for the baseball season.
AL East = Yankees
AL Central = Twins
AL West = Angels
Wild Card = Red Sax barely over A's
NL East = Phillies
NL Central = Astros
NL West = Dodgers
Wild Card = DBacks; I just don't trust the Cubs

AL MVP = Vlad Guerrero
AL Cy Young = Mark Mulder

NL MVP = Albert Pujols
NL Cy Young = Randy Johnson again, especially because if the Snakes are in the playoff hunt without Schilling, it will be because RJ has a big year.

I don't know the rookies well enough to opine.

No playoff predictions because I live and breathe with the Yanks in the post-season.

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