Friday, April 09, 2004

Good point here.

Andrew Sullivan on missing the forest because we're running into the trees:

CONDI: What is there to say? We have a frigging war on and the major networks all run this? I have nothing to add. Except to say: we have a war on. We used to win them before we engaged in elaborate blame-games as to who was asleep at the wheel when they broke out.

Just two quick points: (1) after Pearl Harbor, FDR had the wisdom to fight the war first, and have the investigation into the bombing after the war ended (the investigation was after FDR's death); (2) in 1944, Thomas Dewey did not criticize FDR's handling of the war ["the President should bomb the tracks to Auschwitz, the President should have ensured proper air cover on D-Day, etc."], thus your mental essay assignment for the day is compare and contrast Dewey with John Kerry . . .

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