Monday, April 26, 2004


Here's the deal: if Newsday is correct and Kerry Collins is going to get cut from the New York Giants, then Giants GM Ernie Accorsi screwed up on Saturday by making a four-for-one deal with San Diego to get Eli Manning. The Giants sent this year's first and third-round and next year's first and fifth-round picks to San Diego for Manning. If the Giants would retain Collins and seek to build this year and have it work as Eli's apprenticeship, then the Giants would possibly go 8-8 and have a mid-round first-round pick next year that they would be losing. High price, but acceptable.

But Newsday's report says Collins is gone; if true, the Giants are in full rebuilding mode and essentially gave up a top 5 draft pick next year, because there's no way they'll top 5 wins (if that) against their schedule with a rookie QB. Accorsi had a good position because Manning did not want to play for San Diego. Accorsi could have called AJ Smith's bluff and forced the Chargers' GM to lower expectations for the trade. Accorsi blinked. Unless Manning is a star by 2005 (his brother Peyton only took two years to become a top starter, but Eli is not as good), Accorsi made the wrong move.

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