Thursday, April 15, 2004


Thomas Kean and Slade Gorton need to smarten up, as Susanna Cornett says. Jamie Gorelick's obvious conflict of interest is our business and is not merely a matter for the 9-11 Commission. Gorton and Kean are indicating only that they think they know better than we do. Kean's comment (scroll down to 4:30 pm or so on April 14) that she is one of the most nonpartisan members of the Commission is laughable on its face. Next Kean will say that Richard Ben-Veniste is even-handed and neutral.

Democrats always cry foul whenever Republicans try to fight fire with fire, but the fact is that the Democrats ALWAYS fight harder and dirtier than Republicans. The press will never say that, of course, because it votes 90% for Democrats.

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