Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Barra facts

Alan Barra tells it like it is: quit griping about Steinbrenner non-Yankee fans and start griping about your team's owner being a cheapskate. Many owners have more money than Steinbrenner, but they pocket the dough (two words: Carl Pohlad). I like the fact that my favorite team's owner wants to win. Here's Barra's solid article.

Here's the behind-the-numbers play for the Yanks' win in Chicago last night -- Miguel Cairo's hustle double in the 7th. The Yanks led 9-8 and were doing their best to blow what had been a 7-0 lead when Cairo led off with a looping liner to left center. Cairo hustled the hit into a double, Jeter sacrificed him to third, and after Williams honked, Cairo scored on a wild pitch. That run made it 10-8, gave the Yanks some insurance and they eventually won 11-8.

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